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Summer 2016 V5 I2

Spring 2016 V5 I1

Past Articles:

Westown Shopping Center
Chris-Town Mall
AIA George H. Schoneberger
Tovrea Castle
Casa Hermosa
Phoenix Neon Sign History
Mesa Neon Sign History
Tucson Neon Sign History
Heritage Square
Banks from the 1950s
Trip Down Bethany Home Rd.
AIA Paolo Soleri
Legend City
Bagdad Copper Mine
Western Electric Co.
State Capitol Building
Trip Down Grand Ave.
Mr. Lucky’s
Uptown Plaza
GM Proving Grounds
Old Downtown Scottsdale
Karl Eller
Jefferson Hotel
Courtesy Chevrolet

Upcoming Articles:

Professional Building
A&B Sign Co.
Reynolds Aluminum
Maryvale Retrospect
Geodesic Dome Tempe VNB
Phoenix Zoo
Veterans Memorial Coliseum
1960s/’70s Downtown Phoenix Hi-Rises
Smitty’s Stores
Marsh Aviation
South Mountain Speedway
Turf Paradise
Blakely Auto
Glen Canyon Dam
Forrest Cox HomesType your paragraph here.

Fall 2016 V5 I3