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DrawAlert Releases Upgrade

DrawAlert, the market’s leading Owner/Lender construction funding risk mitigation tool, announces the release of the much-anticipated version 3.0. This version is based on the updated Angular 5.0 framework, Material Design, and leverages Microsoft’s Web API hosted in Azure Web App for expanded security, easily enabled future data and system integrations.

“DrawAlert began as a way to prevent stakeholders from being caught off guard by costly errors like tardy payments, disputes and liens that can delay – or even derail – a construction project,” said Tom Pritscher, Co-Founder of DrawAlert. “DrawAlert v3.0 offers an even higher level of collaboration and transparency that has long been missing in the construction industry.”

DrawAlert v3.0 offers project stakeholders improved operational productivity, increased efficiencies in process and document management, warranty tracking and expanded dashboard capabilities, including embedded mapping technology. The development team has significantly enhanced the user interface to support a 50 percent increase in application performance while delivering improved intuitive navigation to help users quickly find the information they need on any given project or stakeholder.

“With DrawAlert, you build trust with the subcontractors and suppliers, which typically represent 90 percent of the effort on every construction project. By investing in transparency, we are changing the industry for the better,” said John Garigen, Co-Founder of DrawAlert.

DrawAlert offers accurate, usable information to all stakeholders, and supports a flexible reporting solution for each project. A full list of Smart Document management is available on the cloud-based platform to all stakeholders, including:

  • Certificates of Insurance with Alerts

  • Warranty Documentation with Alerts

  • Conditional & Unconditional Waivers – Progress & Final

  • Meeting Notes

  • Non-Conformance Documentation Process

  • Plans & Specifications Repository

  • Preliminary Notices

  • Project Scorecard

  • Site Inspections “The DrawAlert project dashboard makes it easy to track project information at-a-glance,” said Beau Hartwell, Director of Engineering for LBA Realty, an early adopter for DrawAlert. “Draws immediately show up for the general contractor and all the registered stakeholders.” “Our flexible licensing model offers both per project and annual subscription options. Our affordable fee structure is shared between all project stakeholders, which supports a healthy collaborative process,” said Ted Ritter, Co-Founder of DrawAlert. “A DrawAlert Certified Project reduces costs, saves time and improves results on construction projects.” For more information about DrawAlert, please visit or call (877) 909-1776.

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