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Touch a Truck event at Westgate

Touch A Truck held its third community outreach program at Westgate in Glendale this past weekend. The effort was put together by several sponsors with a goal of teaching the community about various trucks and equipment and to hopefully spark some interest in youngsters. Posters were made to reflect the event which proved very informative and enlightening to spectators.

Jim Latto, representative for Diamondback Materials reflects: I was extremely satisfied when parents were attempting to wow their kids with “look at the cement truck” and I would have a little fun explaining to them that this is not a cement truck... THAT (pointing to the real cement truck) is a cement truck... their faces light up and just about everyone said “ I have been wrong my whole life!” They were thankful, kids enjoyed honking horns, and everyone got some early Halloween candy treat too!

Latto and his team also wanted to share with the public what a concrete pump is and its role in

construction. The idea was to show the public the various phases of cement and concrete production.

“A truck hauls cement to us, we add sand, rock and chemicals to make concrete and deliver to various job sites and sometime the concrete needs to be pumped into areas with limited access,” Latto explained.

It all came together nice and we had a great time sharing, educating and clarifying for so many people who had no idea that this is happening daily and has been for decades…

“This was a great event and we are very thankful to the City of Glendale for hosting as we plan on attending next year,” Latto says.

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