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Routledge Press releases "Digital Quality Management in Construction"

Much has been written about Building Information Modelling (BIM) driving collaboration and innovation, but how will future quality managers and engineers develop digital capabilities in augmented and video realities, with business intelligence platforms, robots, new materials, artificial intelligence, blockchains, drones, laser scanning, data trusts, 3D printing and many other types of technological advances in construction? These emerging technologies are potential game changers that require new skills and processes.

Digital Quality Management in Construction is the first ‘how to’ book on harnessing novel disruptive technology in construction quality management. The book takes a tour of the new technologies and relates them to the management of quality, but also sets out a road map to build on proven lean construction techniques and embed technologically based processes to raise quality professionals’ digital capabilities. With the mountain of data being generated, quality managers need to unlock its value to drive the quality of construction in the twenty-first century, and this book will help them do that and allow those working in construction Quality Management to survive and thrive, creating higher quality levels and less waste.

This book is essential reading for quality managers, project managers and all professionals in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry (AEC). Students interested in new and disruptive technologies will also learn a great deal from reading this book, written by a professional quality manager with nearly thirty years’ experience in both the public and private sectors.

About the Author:

Paul Marsden is a Chartered Quality Professional with the Chartered Quality Institute, who has nearly thirty years’ experience of quality management in the construction, telecommunications, banking, security, aerospace, energy and rail fields. He specialises in quality management capability, sustainability, continual improvement, customer satisfaction, lean programmes, auditing and creating business intelligence platforms to collate and report performance data and information. Paul has had a diverse career, including being a Member of Parliament, Head of Quality at Horizon Nuclear Power, Head of Quality at Horizon Nuclear Power and Interim Secretary-General of a European construction trade association.

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