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ACC Releases Second Sunnyslope Special Issue

The first Sunnyslope special issue (Fall 2017) of Arizona Contractor & Community Magazine focused on the community’s more exotic businesses and characters: Richard Barker’s Cloud 9 Dining Room atop Shaw Butte, Dr. Kenneth Hall’s North Mountain Hospital and El Cid Bowling Alley, and Jimmy, the beer-drinking burro, at Abel’s Gas Station along Cave Creek.

For our just-released Sept/Oct 2019 Sunnyslope special issue, we focused on essential stories about the community. The articles revolve around the Desert Mission, which served the area’s many tuberculosis sufferers beginning in 1925. The Desert Mission evolved into HonorHealth John C. Lincoln Medical Center, and we explore its forays into cutting-edge crafts and architecture in the late 1930s. For contrast, we also toss in a bit of "Space-Age" Sunnyslope involving costumes worn during the groundbreaking of Guaranty Bank, as seen on the cover.

Thanks are extended to the many talented individuals who contributed to the issue: Ed Dobbins, Carly Hanson, Douglas Sydnor, Billy Horner, Laura Horner, Lynn Horner, Alison Bailin Batz, Patrick Harvey, Luke Snell, Mary Anne Ramirez, Rene Blain, Colleen Sparks, and Barry Warner.

Copies are available at Books on 7th Avenue in Sunnyslope, and at the Ignite Sign Art Museum in Tucson.

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