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Castle Hot Springs Feeds Arizonan Community with New Farm Fresh Produce Program Starting at $25/week

Arizona’s iconic resort, Castle Hot Springs––the state’s first luxury resort, established in 1896 as wellness retreat––is turning lemons into lemonade. Quite literally.

Despite the heavy toll COVID-19 has taken on the hospitality and tourism industry in recent weeks, many are determined to weather the storm by embracing the opportunity to care for their communities in the way they know how––through heartfelt nourishment and smiles.

As Spring blooms, Castle Hot Springs’ verdant on-property farm is flourishing in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. As the resort is temporarily closed due to the pandemic, the resort’s team of extraordinary ‘Flavor Farmers’ led by Resident Agronomist Ian Beger andExecutive Chef and Food & Beverage Director Christopher Brugman is gathering all of nature’s goodies from their one-acre farm and greenhouse––which produces more than 150 varieties of fruits, veggies, and herbs throughout the year, supplying the majority of the resort’s food and beverage ingredients––to launch a Farm Produce Program delivering fresh farm produce to the Phoenix community.

Subscriptions start at $25/week for ‘Just Greens’ (e.g. 1lb. of lettuce greens and one 8oz clamshell of Micro-Greens) and run up to $250/week for the ‘Executive’ option, which includes greens, vegetables, herbs, tomatoes, fruit, edible flowers, coffee beans, preserves, seeds for your garden, recipes for produce, and a bunch of farm-fresh flowers!

Each Friday, beginning this Friday, April 3, customers will be able to pick up their subscription from Castle Hot Springs’ Phoenix office location or, coordinate doorstep deliveries (within 25 miles) at an additional cost. Subscriptions are not subject to any contractual commitment.

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