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May/June Issue of Arizona Contractor & Community Dedicated to Charles "Chuck" Runbeck

Our May/June issue of Arizona Contractor & Community Magazine is dedicated to our dear friend and co-worker, Charles “Chuck” Runbeck, who passed away recently at age 91. Chuck put his sterling reputation on the line to sign up our first advertisers, and possessed the marketing magic needed to make our long-shot vision become a reality. Thanks again, Mr. Runbeck, for passing on your wisdom, sharing your stories, and allowing us to team up with an old master for one last exciting ride to the print house. You will be missed.

The magazine would also like to thank our talented contributors: Carly Hanson, James Abell, Douglas Sydnor, Brian Runbeck, Alison Bailin Batz, Ethan Smith, Luke Snell, Barry Warner, and Lynn Horner.

Copies are available via the Arizona Contractor & Community Magazine website, at Books on 7th Avenue or at the Ignite Sign Art Museum.

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