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  • Mary Long

Indoor Air Quality: A Foundational Focus for Fulton Homes

For years, homebuilders have been trying to gain a competitive advantage by meeting the needs of increasingly wellness-conscious homebuyers—especially when it comes to improving indoor air quality. Today’s current climate is putting a bigger spotlight on homebuilders nationwide to demonstrate how healthy their new homes actually are.

As the first homebuilder to be recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with the prestigious “Indoor airPLUS Leader of the Year” award in 2018, Fulton Homes continues to pursue excellence in the construction and marketing of healthier homes. This ongoing commitment has earned Fulton Homes national recognition and accolades, including being recognized as Indoor airPLUS Leader award recipient for five consecutive years.

According to the EPA, Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, and indoor air is typically two to five times more polluted than outdoor air.

“Comfort, health and safety are becoming important mainstays to our buyers, especially now,” said Doug Fulton, CEO of Fulton Homes. “We are proud of the work we’ve done for our homebuyers that provide them the peace of mind gained through our award-winning participation in the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS program. We want individuals who are looking for those features in a new home to know that Fulton Homes is, and has been, Arizona’s leader in this area.”

Fulton Homes builds 100% of their homes to Indoor airPLUS standards - providing homebuyers with healthier and more comfortable options. The Tempe-based homebuilder joined the Indoor airPLUS program in 2014, starting with just over 60 labeled homes that year. After making the Indoor airPLUS 100% Commitment and forecasting the growing demand for healthier homes, Fulton Homes continued its path with 886 Indoor airPLUS labeled homes in 2019. Fulton Homes works closely with the rater and trade contractors to refine construction details. The company is also committed to educating homebuyers on the value of improved indoor air quality.

Indoor airPLUS is a companion label to ENERGY STAR for Homes certification. Together, these programs provide comprehensive health protections. Fulton Homes uses a variety of construction practices and technologies to achieve the Indoor airPLUS label and reduce indoor air pollutants and improve the indoor air quality inside the home. Homes displaying the Indoor airPLUS label include additional measures for moisture control, radon-resistance, pest prevention, combustion pollutant control, HVAC filtration, and low-emission materials.

Builders like Fulton Homes who earn the EPA-certified labels offer superior comfort, durability, indoor air quality, and peace of mind for their home buyers.

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