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Adolfson & Peterson Expands Chandler Behavioral Hospital

Helping construct a $16.8 million healthcare facility revealed a whole new world to one of the employees of Adolfson & Peterson Construction - Southwest Region.

“Working on Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital’s renovations opened our eyes to the exact needs a hospital like this requires, says Manuel Vidaure, the project superintendent. “AP worked with specialized equipment and materials specific to mental and behavioral health care that we don’t typically utilize. Understanding what can occur in these specialized hospitals can be difficult to understand until you visit the facility and speak with the staff about their needs.”

The 15-month project that is planned for completion in summer 2023 will improve storm drainage and parking and construct a two-story addition that will add 52 beds to the existing behavioral health facility at 2190 North Grace Boulevard in Chandler. “The hospital has reached capacity, and our expansion work will provide additional space for an already stressed segment of the community,” Vidaure says. “Expanding the Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital will extend its life-changing resources, answering the growing need for mental and behavioral care in Arizona.”

As with many other Arizona construction projects, the most challenging aspect was the timely procurement of materials and services to stay on schedule. “Market volatility has affected supplies throughout the industry, and trying to determine what the supply chain will look like months ahead can be challenging,” Vidaure says. “However, through constant communication between our team, project partners, and Oasis, we are projecting to complete the hospital’s expansion and renovation work later this year. “

Johnson Johnson Crabtree Architects is the project architect. AP’s subcontractors for this project are AF Steel, Pete King Construction, Wilson Electric, and RKS Plumbing.

As with other buildings, Vidaure has a sense of accomplishment, but the hospital felt extra special. He says that touring the existing facility provided exceptional insight into how delicate and detailed AP needed to be in constructing the two-story building expansion.

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This article originally appeared in the bimonthly Arizona Contractor & Community magazine, Jan/Feb 2023 issue, Vol. 12, No. 1.


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