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Agate Construction Breaks Ground at FALCO Aluminum

Agate Construction has broken ground on the new FALCO Aluminum Manufacturing Facility, located at 1328 South 56th Street, Chandler.

The groundbreaking was solidified with an event, held onsite, on May 26th. The new facility will be a 24,917 square foot manufacturing facility consisting of a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB), parking lot, and manufacturing equipment on a 5-acre site. The completed facility will include 3 overhead cranes, a 54-foot tall furnace, a 40-foot deep quench tank, an aging oven, and extrusion press machinery. Agate Construction will perform general contracting activities including PEMB erection, structural concrete, and interior finishes, as well as earthwork, concrete, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, utilities, coiling doors, man doors, survey, asphalt paving and pavement markings, dry

wells, windows, HVAC systems, landscaping, fire alarms, and sprinklers.

Unique to the facility, the quenching and rinsing process of the aluminum requires two large holes, 16 feet wide by 40 feet deep and 6 feet wide by 35 feet deep, where the tanks will be encased in concrete. Also specific to this project is the intricate system of depressed concrete slabs required to accommodate the large extrusion press machinery. The project is expected to be completed in December of this year.

The architect for the project is BRB Architects and the owner is FALCO.

FALCO is a woman-owned small business manufacturer of hard alloy aluminum shapes, rod, bar, and forging stock for the aerospace, defense, automotive and medical industries, as well as for commercial and recreational uses. Their management team has 300+ years of combined experience in the field and takes pride in the on-time delivery of high-quality metal products and exceptional customer service grounded in integrity and respect. FALCO is obsessed with satisfying customers and providing an unsurpassed customer experience. The company is a family-focused employer with primary intent to be there for their employees, and their families too.

For more than 48 years, Agate Construction has provided a full range of preconstruction and construction services including general contracting, budget development, safety program management and construction management. For more information, visit or call Lou Primak at 480.994.9455 or 720.626.5571 (cell).


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