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Cannon & Wendt Expands Leadership Team with Three Promotions

Cannon & Wendt Co., one of the leading electrical subcontractors in Arizona, has promoted three team members into leadership positions. These changes took effect in January to transition the company into the new year.

Mark Ross has been promoted to Manager of Field Operations, replacing Sterling Woods, who retired from Cannon & Wendt at the end of 2023. He will be responsible for leading Cannon & Wendt’s efforts to staff job sites and ensure that field operations run smoothly. Ross will lead the manpower planning, call upon the Union Hall for recruiting, oversee onboarding, administration, and quality assurance processes.

In his prior position as General Superintendent, Ross was instrumental in assisting Woods, his predecessor, who tailored him as the perfect fit for this new position. Ross has helped Cannon & Wendt tremendously in its staffing efforts throughout the company’s growth in 2023. As Union availability was short, and the company’s backlog grew, Ross helped ensure that each of the company’s projects were sufficiently staffed.

Ross brings with him 37 years of experience, much of it as a General Foreman and General Superintendent. Ross has developed his career with Cannon & Wendt for the last 31 years, helping complete some of Cannon & Wendt’s largest projects while integrating with the IPD process. He attended Maricopa Community College, was awarded the NECA/PEJATC Outstanding Apprentice Award and State of Arizona Outstanding Apprentice Award in 1991, and holds several certificates from NECA for effective supervision, along with his OSHA 10 & 30 Safety Trainings. Ross also helped start the Cannon & Wendt Safety Committee and is a member of the NFPA/NEC Code making up Panel 15, NECA/IBEW Code of Excellence Committee, and the NECA/IBEW LMCC Committee.

Toby Howard has been promoted to Operations Manager. He will be responsible for procurement with the added tasks assigned to oversee prefabrication, tools, warehouse, equipment, cellular communication and building maintenance. Howard will work with management and field supervisors to ensure effective sourcing decisions, price analysis, material price negotiations, maximum utilization of prefabrication, and the effective use of tools and equipment.

In his previous position as Director of Purchasing, Howard worked with management and the field supervisors to support projects with materials and services. He was responsible for negotiating vendor terms, prices, and value-added services. During his time as Director of Purchasing, Howard proved to be a great asset with his forward thinking, helping update and expand the company’s procurement processes. Howard helped Cannon & Wendt integrate the new purchasing software quickly, while training everyone on the Cannon & Wendt management team with the new software to ensure success through the change. These new strategies have decreased the amount of time electricians spend on material procurement and distribution, allowing them to focus on the quality and safety of their electrical work.

Toby Howard brings with him more than 30 years of experience in construction, with 23 of that in the electrical field. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University in Global Business with many other leadership certifications.

Zach McCoy has also been promoted, taking on the new role of Virtual Design Manager. He will be responsible for managing and maintaining a productive and efficient BIM process. This involves developing and implementing strategic BIM/VDC initiatives that align with project objectives and industry best practices. McCoy will provide strategic leadership to the team, fostering a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and embraces cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, McCoy will oversee the creation and maintenance of 3D models, conducting regular audits to ensure compliance with established standards, and providing feedback for continuous improvement.

Embarking his career at Cannon & Wendt as a BIM Designer, McCoy quickly immersed himself in the intricate details of the BUMCP ED and Tower Expansion project. As McCoy accumulated diverse project experiences, he eventually worked himself up to the position of VDC Lead Designer for the Mayo West Expansion project in 2019. In this pivotal position, he not only assumed comprehensive responsibility for the electrical design but also led a dedicated team of designers, ensuring meticulous adherence to industry standards. Beyond the design studio, McCoy represented Cannon & Wendt in design coordination meetings, fostering collaboration among stakeholders like general contractors, engineering professionals, architects, and owner representatives. McCoy’s active participation in these sessions not only showcased his leadership but also played a critical role in resolving complex design challenges, contributing to the project's overall success.

In collaboration with project managers, architects, engineers, field, and prefab teams, McCoy will ensure the seamless integration of BIM processes into project workflows. This requires effective communication and coordination among team members, with a particular emphasis on client relationships. McCoy will maintain strong working relationships with owners, subcontractors, and project teams, addressing client requirements and expectations related to BIM/VDC implementation. Collaborating with the field and prefab teams, McCoy will ensure that VDC services, deliverables, and schedules are maintained to meet project objectives, contributing to the overall success of the construction process.

McCoy brings with him nearly 10 years of experience, all at Cannon & Wendt Electric. He attended Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts with a focus in Design Management. McCoy also has a BIM/ CAD Technologies Certificate from Phoenix Community College.


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