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Local Homebuilder Bucks “Great Resignation,” Staff Turnover Trends

As statistics continue to roll in on 2021’s Great Resignation, signs continue to litter storefront windows across the U.S. and sales leaders are reporting higher than average attrition rates across the board. But for companies like Fulton Homes, the trend isn’t anything to worry about.

Ed Holly, Lynn Bax and Art Ferguson

“This is an extremely challenging time for many companies across the U.S. and we are extremely grateful that we have been able to retain 100 percent of our very talented sales staff,” said Doug Fulton, CEO of Fulton Homes.

According to Hubspot, the average sales representative lasts 18 months in the position – but the average tenure of a Fulton sales person is an astounding 16.5 years. In fact, Fulton Homes Sales Agents Lynn Bax, Ed Holly and Art Ferguson who have worked at Fulton Homes for 28, 30 and almost 21 years, respectively. All three attribute the homebuilder’s reputation and family atmosphere as part of why they joined the company and part of why they stay. In comparison, the average tenure with all 21 Fulton sales staff is 16.5 years.

“I really wanted something that required knowledge in various areas and saw this as a position that continues learning,” Bax said, explaining that she knew some people that worked for Fulton Homes and saw the integrity the company had with the community. “I’m proud to work for Fulton because they have such a good reputation. People come in and know our name and everyone has a sense of pride. It is a family here and we all take care of ourselves and each other.”

Holly first met Ira Fulton at one of his communities while visiting a former colleague who he had worked with at another builder.

“He always told me that working for Fulton Homes was great because there really is an active owner who comes out to his communities regularly. I started working for Fulton homes in the summer of 1992 and here I am some 30 years later.”

Though he has been with Fulton Homes for 20 years, Ferguson has been in sales for 38, citing a passion for real estate and development as a motivator behind his long career. He describes working at Arizona’s largest family-owned homebuilder as a fun career with the best support staff backing him.

“They are a family-owned homebuilder,” he said. “Their mentality is customer first and superior quality in the homes they build. They are masters at community design and development.”

However, success is more than where a person seeks employment. Like most industries, sales have changed over time and staying up to date on the latest sales trends and information is important. Bax credits webinars, social media, and resources available to her through Fulton Homes. The Fulton Homes Design Center provides another opportunity to develop skills and knowledge to keep providing quality service to Valley homebuyers.

“We have an incredible system which allows us accessibility of multiple levels of information regarding construction and products,” she said. “When buyers realize we know what we’re talking about, we gain trust with them. It makes for a better buying experience for them when we know what we’re talking about.”

According to Ferguson, he attends classes to further his abilities, something he has done his entire career. His knowledge, combined with the leadership at Fulton Homes giving the sales team full support in doing their jobs, has facilitated his success.

Both employees have wise words to share with anyone looking at sales as a career. Bax recommends researching potential employers and their reputations before taking any job offer, and looking at turnover rates as an indicator of job satisfaction.

“It’s not as easy at is looks. Salespeople wear many hats. We’re salespeople, counselors, construction, knowledge, design and we have to know finance,” she explained. “However, it’s very rewarding. Every day you’re learning something new.”

Ferguson recommends the book “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi.

“Sales is not something you try, you need to treat it like it’s your own business,” he shared. “Whatever the product, make sure it’s one of the best in that field with great value, pricing and people.”


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