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Vol. 8/4 - Jul-Aug 2019





  • From the Editor: London’s Official Bird is the “Crane” – Douglas Towne
  • Contributor Profiles: James Logan Abell and Julia Park Tracey
  • Back When - Zora Folley: From Pugilist to Politician– Douglas Towne
  • Taking the Waters: The Healing Magic of Castle Hot Springs – Douglas Towne
  • Paul Staman: A Mid-Century Contractor with Staying Power – Carly Hanson
  • Derailed Success: The Hidden Legacy of Western Architect Luther R. Bailey - Julia Park Tracey
  • Homes with a Personal Touch: Phoenix’s Goodheart Construction Co. - Donna Reiner, PhD
  • Building on the Past - 1973: Attention Kmart Shoppers
  • Architect’s Perspective: Charles Owens Biggs, III, AIA: Discovered Talent – Doug Sydnor, FAIA
  • Digging Through the Archives - Barry Warner: Professional Contractor – William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices


  • West Camelback’s 400-444 Buildings “Arrive” as a Hotel - Dzevida Sadikovic
  • Mortenson Breaks Ground for Tempe Hyatt Hotel at ASU - Douglas Towne
  • New Storage Space Has a Fast, Discounted Past - Douglas Towne
  • Budding CACTUS Program Teaches Kids about Construction Careers - James Carr and Ethan Greavu
  • Generation NOW: Business Leaders Show Talent Shines at Any Age - Alison Bailin Batz
  • Walling Awarded AIA Lifetime Achievement Honor - James Logan Abell, FAIA
  • Retrofitting Sustainability Part 2: The Local Perspective - Jeff Kronenfeld
  • New Developments in Cement Technology - Luke M. Snell


Special Advertising Insert

Sunland Asphalt Celebrates 40 Years!


Vol. 8/4 - Jul-Aug 2019

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