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Vol. 8/3 - May-Jun 2019





  • Editor’s Column: Flumes: Arizona’s Original Lazy River – Douglas Towne
  • Contributor Profiles: Steve Pingleton and Mark C. Vinson FAIA/AICP
  • Back When: From Marilyn to Sandra: Phoenix’s Sahara Motor Hotel – Douglas Towne
  • No Watertight Alibi: Phoenix’s Redwood Pipeline – Douglas Towne
  • Handling the Pressure: Hooper Concrete Pipe Co. – Carly Hanson
  • The Height of a Three-Story Building: Ameron’s CAP Pipe – Douglas Towne
  • Riding the Biggest Pipes: Ameron’s Massive CAP Siphons – Steve “Ping” Pingleton
  • Building on the Past: 1957 – Colorado River Aqueduct Siphon Project
  • Architect’s Perspective: Clifton: Arizona’s Unknown Architectural Treasure – Mark C. Vinson, FAIA/AICP
  • Digging Through the Archives: Bryant Shaw – William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices


  • Retrofitting Sustainability into Existing Buildings - Jeff Kronenfeld
  • DCS Extends Riggs Road Through Queen Creek - Douglas Towne
  • What’s Trending in Infill Development? - Benjamin Tate
  • Graycor Erects Prologis I-17 Logistics Center - Carly Hanson
  • Local Roots: Jason F. Wood is Helping to Build Arizona - Alison Bailin
  • “Pat’s Run” Has a “Two-Wheeled” Version - William Horner
  • Choosing the Right Concrete Product - Dave Endres
  • The Perils of Hiring an Unlicensed Contractor - Brian Adigwu


Special Advertising Insert


  • Mundall Trucking Celebrates 50 Years



Vol. 8/3 - May-Jun 2019

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