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Vol. 8/5 - Sep/Oct 2019





  • From the Editor: Our Return to Sunnyslope – Douglas Towne
  • Contributor Profiles: Ed Dobbins and Patrick Harvey
  • Back When - Bank “Guarantees” Pigeon Housing – Douglas Towne
  • Mission Accomplished: Sunnyslope Facility Aided TB Patients - Ed Dobbins
  • Sunnyslope’s Homespun Art: Mission Craft Pottery - Ed Dobbins
  • Mid-Century Modern in 1941: Edward Loomis Bowes’ Desert Modern Cottage - Ed Dobbins
  • All in the Family: Building with Preach Supply – Carly Hanson
  • Building on the Past - 1963: Space-Age Sunnyslope
  • Architect’s Perspective: John C. Lincoln Medical Center: A Health and Wellbeing Legacy – Doug Sydnor, FAIA
  • Digging Through the Archives - Sunnyslope’s Dutch Village “Electrified” Phoenix – William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices


  • Sunnyslope’s “Dome Home” Built by ASU English Professors - Patrick Harvey
  • Future Brightens for Mid-Century Sunnyslope Building - Douglas Towne
  • LGE Design Build Completes Construction on Toy Barn in Scottsdale - Douglas Towne
  • Historic Sunnyslope Parking Lot Repaved – William Horner
  • Sunnyslope Store “Booked” for the Long Run - Douglas Towne
  • Generation NOW: Business Leaders Show Talent Shines at Any Age: Andrew “Drew” Gleason - Alison Bailin
  • The Five Best Tech Opportunities for Construction Companies – Jason Krankota
  • Construction in the Bible: Materials - Luke M. Snell


Vol. 8/5 - Sep/Oct 2019

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