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Spring 2015




From the Editor: Towering Confusion: Which Radio Tower was in Psycho? - Douglas Towne

Contributor Profiles: Carlos Lozano, Katie Mayer, Doug Sydnor, and Maureen E. Towne

Memorable Messages: Karl Eller’s Billboard Empire - Douglas Towne

Timeless Messages: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Tucson Neon Signs - Carlos Lozano

“Psycho” Building Recast as Mixed-Use Development - Katie Mayer

An Arizona Construction Family: Gunsight’s Doug Allen - Maureen E. Towne

The Sign of Success: Courtesy Chevrolet Turns 60 - Katie Mayer

Architect’s Perspective: The Refresh Movement - Doug Sydnor, FAIA

Digging Through the Archives: Adaptable Grader: The Huber Road Maintainer - William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices:


East Mesa to Blossom with Mulberry Marketplace

Arizona’s Oldest Pony Truss Bridge Goes Unleaded

“Out of the Box” Containers on Grand Project - Karl G. Obergh, PE

Terra Cotta Warriors: Materials Salvaged from Industrial Congress Building Demolition - Robert Graham

Painted Desert Community Complex “Treasured”

Taylor RyMar Transforms Sky Harbor's Terminal 3

Food Flashback: 1920s Market to Become Downtown Dining Destination - Robert & Roberta Graham

Landmark Phoenix Brick Yard Redeveloped

Rivulon Development to Double Gilbert’s Office

Simple Equipment for Quality Concrete - Luke M. Snell, P.E.

The Legal Pitfalls of a “Gentleman’s Shake” on the Job Site: What You Need to Know About Oral vs. Written Agreements - Kevin Bonner

Spring 2015

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