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Summer 2013



From the Editor: Monument Hill: Arizona’s Most Important Point - Douglas Towne

Taking the Basement to a New Level: Korrick’s Sidewalk Sunshine - Roberta L. Graham

Legend City: Crandall’s Dream at 50 - John Bueker

Arizona Highways: ‘70s Slowdown: Fuel for Freeways Ebbs - Douglas Towne

Construction Column: Paul Staman: Fair and Honest - Paul Beaulieu

Vanishing Phoenix: Beyond Beef: Uptown Gathering Place Reborn - Connor Descheemaker

Arizona’s Original Mad Man: Chuck Runbeck - Douglas Towne

In Memoriam: A Timeline of the Amazing Life and Work of Paolo Soleri - Taz Loomans

Digging Through the Archives: The Bingham Brothers - William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices:


Pulice Construction at Interstate 10-Loop 303 Interchange

Bridge Removal Aids “Semi-Tall” Truckers

West Valley Freeways Go High Rise

Military Jets Challenge West Valley Crews

Sunland Asphalt Expands Construction Services

Johnson Carlier Builds Bell Lexus

Summer 2013

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