Galileo SkidCup Tire Cuts Skid-Steer Downtime and Boosts Operator Comfort

April 17, 2019

Galileo Wheel, cutting-edge developers of advanced tires for construction and farming, are set to release their new Galileo SkidCup – the only tire that uses the latest CupWheel technology for improved grip, traction and efficiency in addition to extended machinery lifetime, increased comfort, and zero downtime with its run flat capability.

When operating in harsh working environments, skid-steer operators often face the inevitable and frustrating delays that result from downtime and increased tread wear-out – not to mention the financial losses. The Galileo SkidCup removes these common drawbacks from skid-steer operation, ensuring your machinery functions to a high level for longer, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing operational costs. Not only that, the SkidCup tire offers much greater comfort while driving, making the working day less stressful and more productive. This also translates to reduced maintenance costs.


At almost double the footprint of other tires, the SkidCup offers better traction and grip for smoother operation and greater accuracy. In addition to the clear comfort benefits, the SkidCup has a positive impact on profitability. The increased efficiency granted by the SkidCup tire leads to greater outputs.

Skid-steer operators are all too familiar with the rapid deterioration found in most tires. That’s why the SkidCup tire can guarantee decreased treadwear and safe “double V shape” side walls for extended tire life, letting you spend more time achieving productivity goals and less time on maintenance.

The SkidCup larger foot print and improved “spring rate” creates a smoother ride on all terrains and greater lateral stability.


In addition, the SkidCup offers greater load index and run-flat capabilities, putting an end to unnecessary downtime, finishing your work day faster and to a higher standard.

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