Document Management Solutions Can Innovate the Construction Industry


Even the most prepared builders and contractors in the construction industry face the challenges of uncontrolled growth, inefficiency, inadequate planning and under-capitalization; all of which can have a negative impact on maintaining and growing a construction business.


And even construction companies experiencing great success today know that there is always a way to get better. However, only the best construction companies look at information and document management as a means of growing their business and aligning their environmental standards with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) strictures, including certification programs of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).


With compliance and collaboration demands across multiple geographic job sites, tightening regulations, productivity barriers, and the struggle to secure government funding for projects comes the need to manage information intelligently.


You collect and manage a monster load of data every day: supply quotes, client information, marketing data, payroll notifications, employee HR information, building specs, land details—your paper-heavy world could use a makeover from a document management system to securely automate, organize, and mobilize information management.


A Document Management Solution Helps Construction Firms Manage:

Whether your construction business is large or small, a document management system delivers a robust, effective system to electronically capture, manage and protect business-critical data in a flexible yet controlled way, letting you manage:


  • Team Communication


  • Multiple Site Locations


  • Building specifications


  • Certificates of Insurance


  • Ever-changing Regulations


  • Materials & Supply Lists


  • Accounting Information


  • Building Contracts


  • Bid Documents


  • HR Documents


  • Quotes


  • Permits


You probably have multiple file cabinets, maybe even rooms full of documents, occupying valuable and expensive real estate.   Files piled so high and deep that when you need to find something—a blueprint, building specs, or a permit—panic ensues as you dig through files, murmuring, “Now where is that document?!” Your time is money, but time spent managing paperwork yields little return.


Streamline your workload and your workflow with a robust document management system.


About the Author:


Jesse Wood is the CEO of eFileCabinet, a best-of-breed advanced document management system that improves the lives of people, small to enterprise-level businesses, and their clients. Wood has 20 years of leadership experience innovating custom technical solutions for a wide range of business applications.

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