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Vol. 5/3 - Fall 2016





From the Editor: Arizona’s Loneliest Highway: U.S Highway 93 - Douglas Towne

Contributor Profiles: Peter Cheng, Derek D. Horn, Jaimee Robinson, and Douglas Towne

Back When: Putting the “Track” in Contractor: Ernie Mohamed - Douglas Towne

Phoenix’s Colorful Contractor: Ernie Mohamed - Douglas Towne

When the Mountain Roared: Phoenix’s South Mountain Speedway - Douglas Towne

Phoenix’s Fastest: Indy 500 Winner Jimmy Bryan - Douglas Towne

Smitty’s Legacy Feeds Yourland’s Community-Driven Redevelopment - Christia Gibbons

Striving for Perfection: J.R. Porter Construction - Donna Reiner

Bob and Larry Myers: Two Generations of Blade Operators Who Made the Grade - Billy Horner

Mid-Century Builder: Arkansas Traveler John Dickmann - Derek D. Horn

Architect’s Perspective: Allan and Olsson, Architects, A.I.A: Modernists - Doug Sydnor, FAIA

Digging Through the Archives: Allis Chalmers Still Gets Good Grades - William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices:


Tempe Milling New Life into Former Flour Factory - Ian Kraft

Tucson’s Historic Cathedral Square Adapted for 21st Century - Peter Cheng

Arcadia Fiesta Renovation Full of Surprises

Marana “Sprouts” New Elementary School - Lee Addis

Deconstruction: The New Building Trend - Jaimee Robinson

Capturing Construction: Mike Eller Photography

Tiffany Construction Company: Interview with Vice President John Tiffany - Jaimee Robinson

Controlled Cracks: Understanding the Sawed Joint in Concrete Slabs - Luke M. Snell

Vol. 5/3 - Fall 2016

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