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Vol. 12/1 - Jan/Feb 2023

Table of Contents:




  • From the Editor: Honolulu’s Hidden Memorial to the USS Arizona - Douglas Towne
  • Contributor Profiles: Michael Cady & Donna Reiner
  • Back When - The Best Place to Fill Your “Tank” in Phoenix - Douglas Towne
  • The Arizona State Capitol: Its Hidden History from the Ground Up - Michael Cady
  • Arizona Captured his Heart: The Arizona Capitol Murals of Jay Datus - Donna Reiner
  • ASU’s Academic Achievement: Elevating a Humble State College to University Status - Douglas Towne
  • Krumtum Contracting: Paving Post-War Arizona - Billy Horner   
  • Maintaining a Certain Character and Dignity: Architect Fred Weaver Jr. - James Logan Abell, FAIA
  • Old School Equipment: The LeTourneau Rooter - Billy Horner
  • Building on the Past - 1956: First National Bank of Arizona Building - Douglas Towne
  • Architect’s Perspective - Phoenix’s Carnegie Public Library: A Legacy of Learning - Doug Sydnor, FAIA
  • Digging Through the Archives – Joe Guinn - Billy Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices


  • “Nothing but Net” for Henderson Engineering’s New Basketball Center
  • Adolfson & Peterson Expands Chandler Behavioral Hospital
  • Wespac “Links” Renovated Office Buildings with Coffee and Cocktails
  • Douglas “Bulldogs” Cheer on Adolfson & Peterson Construction
  • E&E Companies Keeps Trash Dry on Latest Project
  • Joe Lilly, A Friend of Arizona Construction, Passes
  • Tips for Contractors: Risks of Equipment Leasing - Kent Lang, Lang & Klain, P.C.
  • Get Smarter About Electric Construction Equipment - CONEXPO-CON/AGG
  • How Concrete Started—Conclusion: Timeline and Observation - Luke M. Snell, P.E       
  • Will We Reach the Point Where Jobsites are Autonomous? Stay Tuned - Association of Equipment Manufacturers

Vol. 12/1 - Jan/Feb 2023

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