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Vol. 7/4 -Jul-Aug 2018





From the Editor: Still Delivering: Trucks from Shuttered Arizona Businesses - Douglas Towne

Contributor Profiles: Tom Hogarty and Art Smith

Back When: Fun By The Carload: Phoenix’s Indian Drive-In Theater- Douglas Towne

Moving the (Near) Impossible: Mike Poppe’s Precision Heavy Haul - Douglas Towne

Still “Truckin” at 84: Don “Pops” Poppe - Douglas Towne

Creating a Smooth Ride: Arizona Refining Company - Tom Gibbons

Playful Construction: Heavy-Duty Toy Trucks - Art Smith

Semi-in-the-Sky: Warren Anderson’s Marie’s Truck Stop - Douglas Towne

Architect’s Perspective:  Joe Bing Wong, AIA: Multi-Faceted Architect - Doug Sydnor

Digging Through the Archives: Cook Brothers Equipment - William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices:


Trucks “Piggybacked” Through Arizona - Tom Hogarty

New Community for Adults with Disabilities - Abigail Spong

Whole Foods Anchors “Local” Housing Project - Andy Wei

Loop 202 “Bridges” Salt River - MacKinley Lutes-Adlhoch

Subterranean Surprises Highlight Chandler Project - Laura Stack

DPR Construction: Interview with Gretchen Kinsella - Andy Wei

Four Points Every Arizona Subcontractor Must Know About Construction Defect Claims - Norman S. Fulton III, Esq.

Number Crunch: Being the Best Bet for a Bank Loan - Alison Bailin Batz



Buesing Corp.

Vol. 7/4 -Jul-Aug 2018

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