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Vol. 8/2 - Mar-Apr 2019






  • From the Editor: The Movie, Duel: One Trucker’s Award-Winning Road Rage – Douglas Towne
  • Contributor Profiles: Alison Bailin and Carly Hanson
  • Back When: Flight of the Phoenix at the Roadrunner Truck Stop – Douglas Towne
  • Meep Meep! Beep Beep!: Phoenix’s Iconic Roadrunner Truck Stop – Douglas Towne
  • Blacktop Innovators: Sahuaro Petroleum & Asphalt - Carly Hanson
  • Whiting Bros.: Cheap Gas, a Comfy Bed, and a Memorable Sign – Douglas Towne
  • Reliance Trucking: Phoenix’s “Atomic” Mega-Mover – Douglas Towne
  • Building on the Past: 1960 – Lin Tee Panel Convoy from Phoenix to Sierra Vista
  • Architect’s Perspective: John S. M. Hamilton, Jr., AIA: Focused on Design – Douglas Sydnor
  • Digging Through the Archives: Jay McCormick “Mack” Sheesley – William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices



  • Mandall’s Legacy Evident in Creative Center of Scottsdale - Rebecca Stallman
  • High School Homework: Build a House - Donna Davis
  • Park Place Comes to Chandler - Douglas Towne
  • West Valley Leaders Celebrate Avalon Apartment Homes - Alison Bailin
  • Chasse Building Team: Interview with Barry Chasse - Alison Bailin
  • Cliffco: Re-Framing Fabrication - Frank Pearson
  • MDI “Rocks” the Trucking Industry - William Horner


Vol. 8/2 - Mar-Apr 2019

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