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Vol. 7/3 -May-Jun 2018





From the Editor: A Snapshot in Time: Holbrook, 1981 - Douglas Towne

Contributor Profiles: Buddy Escapule and Jennifer M. Levstik. M.A.

Back When: Henry Hite Grows on Phoenix -- Douglas Towne

The “Wrap” on Phoenix’s Reynolds Aluminum Plant - Douglas Towne

Digging into Canion Contracting: Robert E. Canion Sr. - Marlene Blakeney

Digging into Canion Contracting: Robert E. Canion Jr. - Marlene Blakeney

Digging into Canion Contracting: Robert E. Canion Jr.’s Best Construction Stories - Marlene Blakeney

“Bonding” Over Work: Two Construction Elders - Douglas Towne

Building on the Past: 1972: Spring Air Mattress

Support Found for Arizona’s Tallest Adobe Building: Tucson’s Marist College - Jennifer M. Levstik, M.A.

Architect’s Perspective:  Schwenn and Clark Architects: Reminds Us of What is Important- Doug Sydnor

Digging Through the Archives: Bloomquist Pump - William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices:


Courtesy Chevrolet Tees it Up for Charity

In Hibernation: Phoenix’s Museum of Natural History

Elite Sports Hits Scottsdale Trifecta

Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus Gives Construction Approval

My Childhood “Pet”: A 1947 CAT 112 Grader - Buddy Escapule

Senior Living Complex Planned Along Future Light Rail Line - Roland Murphy

Interview with Ramon A. Gaanderse, Executive Director of the Arizona Transportation Builders Association

Don’t’ Be Taken to the Cleaners: Dry Cleaners and Real Estate Transactions - Michael Bernstein

Concrete Flatwork Certification: Finishing it Right - Luke M. Snell, P.E.

Vol. 7/3 -May-Jun 2018

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