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Vol. 7/6 - Nov-Dec 2018

Table of Contents:




  • From the Editor: Art Deco Reimagined: Casa Grande’s Railroad Station - Douglas Towne
  • Contributors Profiles: Luke Snell and Marilyn Szabo
  • Back When: A “Grande” Slam: Francisco Grande - Douglas Towne
  • Pinal County Streets with No Name: Bowlin’s Audacious Sign Language - Laura Joy DeLay Bowlin
  • Futuristic Domes Seek a Concrete Future in Casa Grande - Douglas Towne
  • Building on the Past: 1957: First National Bank of Arizona Bank’s on Casa Grande’s Growth
  • A “Noble” Endeavor: Casa Grande’s Sign Park - Douglas Towne
  • Friendly Corners: Life in a Cotton Crossroads - Douglas Towne
  • Documenting a Casa Grande: The Gorraiz Book Project - Marilyn Szabo
  • Architect’s Perspective: Hiram Hudson Benedict, AIA: Always on the Move - Doug Sydnor
  • Digging Through the Archives: Roman Candelaria - William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices


  • My Casa Grande Construction Roots – William Horner
  • The Churchill’s “Ship” Has Come In – Douglas Towne
  • Sustainable Office Designs Go “Mod”
  • Maricopa Highway to be Smoother, Safer, and Faster – Camryn Dilger
  • Unified School Campus Completed in Casa Grande
  • Interview with Joe Cunningham, Sunny Energy Co-Founder – Kelsey Makings
  • Inspiring the Next Generation of Constructors and Engineers – Luke and Billie Snell
  • Arizona’s 5 C’s: Redefined – Alison Bailin Batz

Vol. 7/6 - Nov-Dec 2018

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