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Nov/Dec 2019





  • From the Editor: ACC’s Puppet Show – Douglas Towne
  • Contributor Profiles: John Bueker and Luke M. Snell
  • Back When - H & J Construction’s “Ranger” – Douglas Towne
  • The Riskas of H & J Construction: Innovators in Building – William Horner
  • Glenn A. McCollum: Arizona’s Mid-Century Mall Marvel - John Bueker
  • The Layton Paver: Adding Blacktop One Driveway at a Time – William Horner
  • Tempe’s Haunted Temple of TB Healing at Papago Park – Douglas Towne
  • Building on the Past – 1961: Scottsdale’s Executive House Hotel
  • Architect’s Perspective: Barrie Groen: H & J Construction’s Designer – William Horner
  • Digging Through the Archives - Dave McNeil – William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices


  • Historic Vail, Arizona Railroad Building Rehabbed by Students - Chris Cody, State Historic Preservation Office Deputy Director
  • Managing a Magazine – And a Construction Project – William Horner
  • Tenec Coatings Offers Expertise in Material Selection, Environmental Performance - Andrea Ake
  • Jim Beito, Insearch Corp. Founder, Passes Away – Chad Beito
  • Construction in the Bible: Materials - Luke M. Snell
  • Why Your Construction Company Needs a Payments Strategy – Brent Meyers


Nov/Dec 2019

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