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Vol. 9/6 - Nov/Dec 2020

Table of Contents:



From the Editor: Reflections of a Tucson-phile - Douglas Towne

Contributor Profiles: Cassy Anderson & Carlos Lozano

Back When - Tucson’s Missing Marilyn - Douglas Towne

San Xavier: The Firm That Helped Fuel Tucson’s Mid-Century Boom - Douglas Towne

Tucson’s Colorful Street: How Speedway Boulevard Became Paint Row – Carlos Lozano

Sustainable and Modern: Tucson’s Historic Ball- Paylore House - Douglas Towne

“Transforming” Tucson’s History: Ignite Sign Art Museum - Douglas Towne

Arizona’s da Vinci Code: Tucson’s May Day Mystery - Douglas Towne

Building on the Past - 1966: Taking Tucson’s Pulse

Architect’s Perspective - Bernard J. Friedman, AIA: Recognized Talent - Doug Sydnor, FAIA

Digging Through the Archives – New Pueblo’s I-19 Construction - William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices


Spotlight Shines on Tucson’s Sunshine Mile - Douglas Towne

Tucson Buzzes about Valencia Road Extension

Gladden Farms Blossoms Thanks to Borderland Construction

Tucson’s Broadway Boulevard Getting Broader

Wiring Tucson for 58 Years: Southern Arizona Electric - Cassy Anderson

One CEO’s Take on Success in B2B Relationships - Vincent Ney

SACCD: Building Future Construction Crews

Construction Techniques in the Bible - Luke M. Snell

Construction Without the Paperwork - Jesse Wood

Vol. 9/6 - Nov/Dec 2020

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