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Vol. 10/6 - Nov/Dec 2021

Table of Contents:



From the Editor: Creatives Ignite a Copper Town Rebirth - Douglas Towne

Contributor Profiles: Buddy Escapule & Don Ryden

Back When - Mucking About in Wickenburg - Douglas Towne

Dragging the Line: Fred Sargent’s Mining Memories - William Horner

Sifting Through Sand: The Magnetic Attraction of Pinal County’s Placer Iron Deposits - Douglas Towne

How Arizona Almost Got Nuked: Construction and Mining Using Atomic Bombs - Douglas Towne

Glendale’s Underground Solution: An Urban Salt Mine - Douglas Towne

Pair-A-Dice Paradox: Beautiful Warren Vs. Funky Bisbee - Don W. Ryden AIA

Old School Equipment: Dart Truck Company

Building on the Past - 1969: Vulture Mine’s New Wealth

Architect’s Perspective - Globe: Where Copper Was King - Doug Sydnor, FAIA

Digging Through the Archives - The Williamson Diamond Mine - William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices


Cyanide is the Solution to Reopening La Paz County Gold Mine - Buddy Escapule

Agritopia Store Wins Air-Guitar Contest

DCS Helps Queen Creek Stay atop Traffic Flow

Light Rail Hastens I-17 Central Avenue Bridge Replacement

Phoenix’s Fab Place: Reuter Equipment Co. - Tom Pickrell

SRMG’s Hearne Honored by American Concrete Institute

Mining Mechanic Mensch: Jon Greer - William Horner

How to Handle a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment - Michael Bernstein

Mining Aggregates for Concrete - Luke M. Snell, P.E., and Frank A. Kozeliski, P.E.

Take Proactive Steps to Curb Construction’s Suicide Epidemic - Sean Clements

Vol. 10/6 - Nov/Dec 2021

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