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Vol. 10/5 - Sep/Oct 2021

In this 80-page fall issue of Arizona Contractor & Community magazine, we’re focused on four individuals that helped create Arizona’s infrastructure: contractor Paul Brock, masonry specialist Marion J. Evertsen, architects Kemper Goodwin and Melverne Ensign. On the lighter side, we spotlight the many drive-in theaters that kept residents entertained after World War II in the Valley.


Copies are available via the ACC website or at Books on 7th Avenue in Phoenix, or the Ignite Sign Museum in Tucson.


Table of Contents:




From the Editor: Driving Through Sleet To “The Sun” - Douglas Towne

Contributor Profiles: James Logan Abell & Tom Pickrell

Back When - Cinema Under the Stars- Douglas Towne

Level and Plumb: The Masonry of Marion J. Evertsen - Tom Pickrell

Paul Brock: Digging Deep into Gunnison Contractors and the Man Who Built It - Jeff Kronenfeld

Serious Accomplishment: The Life and Legacy of Architect Kemper Goodwin, FAIA - James Logan Abell, FAIA

Fun by the Carload: The Valley’s Drive-In Theaters - Douglas Towne

Old School Equipment: Caterpillar’s J621 Paddle Wheel Scraper - Buddy Escapule

Building on the Past - 1969: Chrome-Plated Expansion

Architect’s Perspective - Melverne Coats Ensign: An Inventive Architecture - Doug Sydnor, FAIA

Digging Through the Archives - Vance Grubb III - William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices


Willmeng/Fann Help Dedicate Prescott Airport’s new Passenger Terminal

Sun State “Caps” New West Valley Office/Warehouse

DCS Speeds Chandler’s Intel Employees Home

Building Team Creates Mindful Spiritual Foundation Headquarters - Douglas Towne

McCarthy Builds New Patient Tower at Chandler Regional Medical Center

Generating Power & Growth: Gen-Tech's Latest Expansion - Carly Hanson

Stepping Up Security: How to Protect Construction Equipment from Theft - Sean Clements

Air Entrainment in Concrete - Luke M. Snell, P.E.

Vol. 10/5 - Sep/Oct 2021

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