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Sep/Oct 2023

Table of Contents:




  • From the Editor: Twin Barrels Station: A Phoenix Love Story with Delicious Roots - Douglas Towne
  • Contributor Profiles: John Bueker & Brian Imwalle
  • Saluting Arizona’s Builders: David Murdock
  • Back When - Back When: Phoenix’s Riverboat Restaurant - John Bueker
  • Durant’s Before Jack Took Over: The Legend of Wayne’s Midway Inn - Douglas Towne
  • Durant’s: Savoring Stories of an Iconic Phoenix Restaurant – Michelle Dodds
  • The Flame: Downtown Phoenix’s Hottest Dining Destination - Douglas Towne
  • Tortilla Flat: A Historic Roadside Oasis on Scenic Apache Trail - Douglas Towne
  • “Navigating” an Exceptional Construction Career: Roy A. Kite Jr. - Billy Horner
  • Old School Equipment: Concrete Machinery’s Autovator Top Loader - Billy Horner
  • Building on the Past - 1950: Carnation Plant and Restaurant - Billy Horner
  • Architect’s Perspective - Adaptive Reuse with Restaurants - Doug Sydnor, FAIA
  • Digging Through the ArchivesMichael Greenberg: Recollections of The Henry C. Beck Company - Billy Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices


  • Fall Predictions for Heat, Baseball, and Progress on the Interstate 10 Broadway Curve - Douglas Towne
  • Primavera Paves the Way for Fried Twinkies and Funnel Cakes at the State Fair
  • McCarthy Teams with Buckeye Students to Create Overseas Construction Workshop
  • Multipurpose Spaces and The Rise of Adaptive Reuse Conversions in Arizona - Gianna Agostinelli
  • McCarthy Goes Space Age at UofA Applied Research Building
  • Building on Ralph Haver’s Legacy: The Kimsey in Old Town Scottsdale – Douglas Sydnor
  • Ed Gorman: Techie Turned MODUS Companies Net Zero Energy Developer - Douglas Towne
  • New Tools Available to Contractors to Help Avoid Costly Claims - Brian Imwalle
  • Importance of Verification in Construction - Luke M. Snell, P.E.
  • Tips For Construction Safety - Omar Kaywan


Sep/Oct 2023

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