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Spring 2014



From the Editor: Commercial Signs: A Glowing Preservation Movement - Douglas Towne

Gravel Guru: The William Fisher Story - J.J.M. Czep

Arcosanti: Arizona’s Cutting-Edge Community - Jennifer Giralo

Arizona’s New Double-Barrel War Memorial: An Interview with Secretary of State Ken Bennett - William Horner

Everything Has Meaning: Design Elements of Arizona’s World War II Memorial - Rich Pawelko

Ringing True: Bells from the USS Arizona

Reconstructing the Past: The Preservation of Heritage Square - Douglas Towne

In It For the Long Haul: A-Arid State House Movers - Roberta Graham

Follow the Money: Phoenix Mid-Century Modern Branch Banks - Donna Reiner

Break-Through Fencing: Allstate Rent a Fence

Home Sweet Bethany Home - John Bueker

Concrete Results: Phoenix Mid-Century Banks - William Horner

Construction Site Security - Bradford Knights

Digging Through the Archives: Ajax Contracting - William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices:


Ryan Finishing West Phoenix Commercial Projects

Improvements Started on Arizona Strip Interstate - Lee Addis

Marathoners Protected by Trafficade Team

Hardison Downey Completes Quartet of Projects - Eric Jay Toll

Vets Benefit from A&P Building Renovation

Industry Highlights

  • Underground Organization: AZUCA Changes with the Times
  • AZBIZCON: Southern AZ Largest Construction Expo
  •  ABA welcomes Rob Caylor as the 2014 President.

Spring 2014

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