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Summer 2012



From the Editor: Terrazzo Storefronts - Douglas Towne

Arizona Highways: Territorial Trails: Transportation in Arizona before Statehood - Douglas Towne

Heart and Try: Cowboy Frank Kelly’s Film Career - Paul Beaulieu

Architects Predict the Future: Paolo Soleri, Paul Yeager and Vernon Swaback - Taz Loomans

Proposition 116 Will Get Arizona Back to Work Creating Jobs - Doug Click

The Glory Days of Chris-Town Mall - John Bueker

NUCA, AZ: Do You Dig Arizona? – Connie Corder

Digging Through the Archives: The Other Side of Chris-Town Mall - William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices:


ASU West Hungers for Dining Facility Completion

ASU West Dorm Construction Dodges Courtyard Problems

Intermountain West Civil Constructors Upgrades Riggs Road

No Dusty Roads for Tanner in East Valley

Roosevelt Row Residences

ADOT 2012: $250 Million in Construction Projects Planned for Northern Arizona

Work Starts on New State Route 24 East Valley Freeway

Summer 2012

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