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Summer 2014



From the Editor: Arizona’s Copper Credentials - Douglas Towne

Going Strong after Five Years: Shane’s Grading & Paving - William Horner

Homegrown Copper: The Bagdad Arizona Story - Douglas Towne

Transforming Copper into Cable: The Western Electric Company - J.J.M. Czep

Joe Lilly’s Last Working Day

Fit for a Goddess: The Capitol’s Copper Dome - Roberta Graham

Foundation of Excellence: An Interview with Kent Dibble of Dibble Engineering - Jennifer Giralo

Copper Cladding: Opulent, Lavish, and Utterly Practical - Maureen E. Towne

Phoenix’s Riverboat Restaurant: The Copper Belle - John Bueker

Digging Through the Archives: Joe Lilly - William Horner

Digging Through the Archives: Euclid Crane and Hoist - William Horner

Digging Through the Archives: Min-A-Con Equipment - William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices:

Big Boys and Their Bigger Toys: ConExpo 2014 - Lee Addis

Banner Estrella Completes Second Tower in West Valley

Maloney Shows Off School Skills

Casita Construction Underway at Sagewood

Arizona’s Copper Mine Update - Rebekah Morris

McCarthy Building Companies to Begin Major Renovations at Paradise Valley High School

Industry Highlights

  • ARA of Arizona Spring Meeting
  • Tempe Meets with ABA and ACG
  • AZ Utility Contractor’s Association


Summer 2014

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