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Vol. 12/5 - Sep/Oct 2023

Table of Contents:




  • From the Editor: Timber Trains: Discovering Traces of Flagstaff’s Ghost Railroad - Douglas Towne
  • Contributor Profiles: Justin Liggin & Carlos Lozano
  • Saluting Arizona’s Builders: John Drexler
  • Back When - Park Central’s Wooden Funhouse - Douglas Towne
  • Timber! - Arizona’s Rugged Logging and Lumber Heritage - Douglas Towne
  • A Transplanted Logging Town: The Curious Origin of McNary, Arizona - Douglas Towne
  • Tucson’s Construction Hotspot for 66 Years: Grant Road Lumber - Carlos Lozano
  • John W. “Jay” Lattimore: A Bighearted Concrete Contractor - Cheryl Wamsley
  • John W. Lattimore: Building a Solid Foundation in Arizona - Billy Horner
  • Old School Equipment: The Logging Truck - Billy Horner
  • Building on the Past - 1960s: Del Webb’s Rail Cranes - Billy Horner
  • Architect’s Perspective - James T. Flynn, AIA: Delivering Permanence - Doug Sydnor, FAIA
  • Digging Through the Archives – Rock ‘n’ Roll Influences Sidewalk Construction - Billy Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices


  • ASU-Designed Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Speeds Phoenix Light Rail Construction
  • Weitz to Upgrade Phoenix Sky Harbor after Completing Work at KC Airport - Douglas Towne
  • Recapturing the Spirit of Place: Kiva Crafts Center Rehabilitation – Douglas Sydnor
  • Metrocenter Honors its Past by Hosting Farewell Shindig - Mark Edelman
  • Nitti “Nets” a New Home for Road Machinery in Phoenix
  • Opus Group Builds an Industrial Park in Casa Grande
  • Breaking Barriers and Building Leaders: Sharp Construction Leads Girl Scout Mobile Building Space -
  • Justin Liggin
  • Phil Berger, Longtime Arizona Construction Professional, Passes
  • A Big Yellow Passion: One Man’s Love Affair with Vintage Heavy Equipment – Abel Gaytan
  • Dodd Diesel: Powering Mines, Supporting Logging, and Making Mulch Since 1978
  • Concrete Helps End Bubonic Plague in San Francisco - Luke M. Snell, P.E.


Vol. 12/5 - Sep/Oct 2023

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