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Winter 2013



From the Editor: Tucson’s Titanic Warheads - Douglas Towne

Uphill Both Ways: Scaling the Santa Catalina Range - Roberta Graham

Cattleman Contractor: Karl Ronstadt’s New Pueblo Legacy - Douglas Towne

Big Iron and Bigger Dreams: Borderland Construction - Douglas Towne

Have MGB, Will Travel: Bill Buckmaster’s Construction Beat - Douglas Towne

Mechanical Mastermind: Harold Ashton’s Rags-to-Bridges Life - Douglas Towne

Bum Steer on the Brink - John Bueker

Taking ‘Stock’ in Arizona: Jokake Turns 30 - Paul Beaulieu

Home Sweet Bethany Home - John Bueker

Digging Through the Archives: New Pueblo Constructors - William Horner


Construction Around Arizona: Projects – People – Practices:


Archer Western Contractors Builds Tucson’s Agua Nueva Facility

New Pima County Structure Bridges Monsoon Flows

A Venerable Project Restores “Unwanted” Old Main at the University of Arizona – Eric Jay Toll

Scottsdale Road Project ‘Channeling’ Rawhide Memories

Lake Powell or Bust: Emergency Route Opened to Page

Industry Highlights

  • Tucson Utility Contractors Grow the Community
  • 20 Years of Pouring on the Tradition at Concrete Restoration Systems
  •  Great Recession Lecture is Focus of ARA Meeting


Winter 2013

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