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  • Douglas Towne

Fall 2017 Sunnyslope Special Issue Released!

What's the connection between a mountain-top restaurant destroyed by a mysterious fire, a hospital with a primate zoo, a bowling alley set in a castle, and a house with a giraffe enclosure? They're all articles about Phoenix's unique Sunnyslope neighborhood in the just-released Fall 2017 issue ofArizona Contractor & Community Magazine L.L.C. Kudos to Walter Hall for sharing his family's memories, to Carly Hanson, the magazine's first Walter Cronkite School of Journalism intern, for authoring three articles, Douglas Sydnor for his architect's column, Laura Horner for her design prowess, and Christia Gibbons and Billy Horner for facilitating the 23rd issue of the magazine. Get your subscription at

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