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Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center and SRP Rescue Beaver in Canal and Release It to the Wild

SRP is happy to report the beaver that was spotted in a Salt River Project canal has been safely captured by Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (SWCC) and taken to a new, remote habitat.

SRP worked with SWCC to rescue the little guy who was found in the Grand Canal. SWCC examined him; and once it was determined he was healthy, he was released into the Upper Verde River outside of Chino Valley.

"We located an area that is remote with very little human traffic where he can thrive," said James O’Brien, Vet Tech and Clinic Manager with SWCC.

SRP and SWCC want to thank the public for their concern, the reports of the beaver in the canal, and for leaving him alone while the experts worked out a plan to safely relocate him.

"We hoped the beaver would pass through SRP’s canal system and find a more suitable habitat, but the beaver had other plans," said Lesly Swanson, Senior Environmental Scientist at SRP. "When it became evident that he was not moving through our system, we reached out to SWCC to assist with the relocation effort."

SRP discourages residents from entering the canal or trying to rescue wildlife which may find its way into the canal. Residents are also discouraged from throwing debris and garbage in canals not only because it endangers wildlife, but the SRP canals that deliver our drinking water to the Valley.

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