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CEMEX materials to help ease traffic congestion with innovative Arizona interchange

Drivers in growing part of northern Phoenix, Ariz., are soon expected to experience reduced traffic congestion after the construction of an innovative diverging diamond interchange created with high-quality aggregates supplied by CEMEX.

More than 100,000 tons of aggregates from CEMEX, including 75,000 tons of Class 2 ABC, are being used to support an interchange reconstruction project currently underway that is designed to improve the link between Interstate 17 and Happy Valley Road. Crews with FNF Construction, Inc. are replacing two roundabouts that connect I-17 and Happy Valley with an intricate diverging diamond interchange, using the CEMEX aggregates to meet Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) specifications.

“Infrastructure in the U.S. is in need of critical updates nationwide, so people can get around their communities safely,” said CEMEX USA President Jaime Muguiro. “CEMEX has shown for decades it’s a key contributor for upgrading roads, bridges and interchanges that drivers rely on every day.”

The interchange at I-17 and Happy Valley Road is designed to meet ADOT specifications with an expected completion date in fall 2020.

“CEMEX has the products, experience and strong network in the western U.S. to meet the specifications for much-needed infrastructure projects,” said Eric Wittmann, CEMEX USA Regional President—West Region. “We are proud to support our neighbors in Arizona with a new interchange that is expected to ease traffic congestion and help them get to their destinations more efficiently.”

The diverging diamond interchange concept dates back to 2000, and designers say the interchanges create fewer conflict points for drivers. In diverging diamond interchanges, drivers get on and off interstates without stopping at traffic signals. Cross traffic follows signals that direct lanes to swap sides of the road, allowing the seamless transitions for interstate traffic.

“CEMEX has great resources, and we know we are going to get a good quality product that’s consistent,” said Martin Ramirez, Vice President of FNF Construction, Inc. “We can count on CEMEX day in and day out to give us good, safe quality production that meets our schedules.”

Currently, more than 200 diverging diamond interchanges are utilized in the United States.

CEMEX is a global building materials company that provides high quality products and reliable services. Its U.S. network includes 11 cement plants, more than 50 strategically- located distribution terminals, 50 aggregate quarries and nearly 270 ready-mix concrete plants.

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