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Arizona Land Consulting Closes on a $40 Million Master-Planned Community in Buckeye

Arizona Land Consulting, the Valley's leading, female-owned land consulting firm, announced today the closing of a 2,000-acre property near the Buckeye airport for $40 million.

The land was originally zoned for a master-planned community called Cipriani. However, Arizona Land Consulting CEO and founder, Anita Verma-Lallian and her group of investors have plans to rezone the property for industrial use, with the hopes of developing it into a business park.

Industrial zoned properties are typically much easier to develop. Arizona Land Consulting already has interest from potential buyers and is open to dividing the property into 400-500 acre parcels to sell as the size and location lists it as a high-demand property.

"It is difficult to find parcels of land that are a contiguous 50+ acres, making this a spectacular find," said Verma-Lallian. "Not only was the serial acreage impressive but the location and city growth in itself made this particular property outstanding."

The property is located next to the Buckeye airport in one of the fastest-growing cities in Arizona, strategically located off the I-10 freeway. A future off-ramp on the I-10 will lead right into the property located off Johnson Road and Yuma Road.


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