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How to Reach Decision-Makers in the Data Center Construction Market

The data center construction market is expected to see incremental growth of 8.76 billion USD between 2020 and 2025, with an estimated 38% of the growth being contributed by North America. In other words, the market is ripe with opportunities for manufacturers of the many products required to build and support modern data center facilities. However, as a major fire/safety product manufacturer discovered, gaining access to key decision-makers on projects can be extremely time-intensive and difficult.

Enter Accountability Information Management (AIM), a unique research company, that successfully helped the manufacturer penetrate the growing yet elusive data center construction market. In order to connect the manufacturer’s sales specialists with decision-makers, AIM began with a commercial construction database which was then scrubbed to identify data center projects in the planning and development stage. AIM’s seasoned research team also explored additional sources for data center information, including obtaining and verifying contact information for the construction professionals (architects, engineers, owners, etc.) associated with the projects.

Once this initial phase was complete, AIM sent customized letters to the data center contacts requesting an appointment on behalf of the manufacturer to present a new fire/safety product designed specifically for data centers. The letters were followed by telephone calls to connect with the decision-maker and schedule appointments. AIM succeeded in securing appointments with several large accounts (including Facebook, Google and Apple) and made inroads with major architectural/engineer consulting companies working specifically on data centers. Ultimately, the manufacturer asked AIM to pause the outbound phase so the national sales account team could stay on schedule.


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