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New AGC Report Calls for 'Whole-of-Firm' Approach to Address Ongoing Workforce Challenges

Specific tactics for C-Suite leaders, HR and frontline employees 

Addressing today’s construction workforce management challenges cannot be left to a single individual or department. Everyone in the firm has a role to play in the long-term solution.

The Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America has released a new report to help firms execute a “whole-of-firm” workforce development approach by empowering stakeholders across their organizations to get involved in recruiting, attracting and retaining workers. Arcoro, a modular HR software solution provider for construction companies and specialty contractors, sponsored and supported the production of the report and associated content.

“A whole-of-firm approach is essential to creating the kind of environment that will help individual firms and the industry successfully recruit and retain workers,” said Brian Turmail, Vice President of Public Affairs and Strategic Initiatives at AGC of America. “This report is a resource to help construction leaders implement the measures that make sense and will have the greatest impact on their operations.”

The report, “The Whole-of-Firm Approach: A New Paradigm For Construction Workforce Development,” extracts findings and insights from AGC of America’s first-ever National Construction Industry HR & Workforce Conference. The November 2023 event brought together industry leaders, workforce development experts, and company representatives to focus on ideas to address workforce challenges.

The report catalogs specific examples from organizations successfully using a whole-of-firm approach, and breaks down key workforce development tactics for:

  • C-suite leaders

  • Human resources departments

  • Frontline teams

“The report reinforces that workforce development begins at the top. Construction industry leaders need to empower their entire team and lead by example,” said Carrie Gardenhire, Director of Association Partnerships at Arcoro.

Download “The Whole-of-Firm Approach: A New Paradigm For Construction Workforce Development” here.


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