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Proposed Business-Friendly Integro Bank Helps Small Enterprises

What does it mean to have a “business-friendly” community?

It can mean a lot of things. Often it means limiting corporate taxes and government regulations to make them less burdensome on businesses. It can also mean a willingness to commit municipal investment dollars to projects that support business growth.

However, in communities across the country, two key elements of a thriving small business environment are in short supply:

Ready access to small business loans, and

Comprehensive guidance for small business owners to help them grow and reach new levels of success.

Integro Bank (Proposed) will be purpose-built to deliver these two vital services. In doing so, we hope to help transform our service area into one of the most “small-business friendly” zones in the country.

Our proprietary Integro360 consultation tool takes a fresh approach to support small business growth, one business at a time.

It’s an 8-step solution open to all of our business customers. And it’s designed to accelerate growth for our small business customers and put them on the path to sustained success.


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