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SRP Virtual Water Conservation Expo: Learn How to Save Water, Save $$$ Online

Secure your spot and join us online for the 2024 SRP Virtual Water Conservation Expo™  from noon to 1 p.m., Tuesday, April 23 and 9 to 10 a.m., Saturday, April 27. This one-hour virtual webinar is available to anyone with a smart phone or computer who wants to learn how to reduce water use and purchase a smart irrigation controller for $60 plus tax*.

 Up to 70 percent of household water use is outdoors, which can lead to waste if lawn sprinklers and drip irrigation systems are not properly programmed and maintained. SRP has distributed more than 10,800 smart irrigation controllers over the past 16 years. That translates to approximately 217 million gallons of water saved based on the average household water use of 12,000 gallons per month before installation.


The virtual water expo provides an opportunity for residents to hear from experts about water stewardship, conservation and SRP’s role in managing the Valley’s water including:  


  • Surface Water Resources – Discover the strategies and practices SRP uses to maintain a resilient and reliable water supply.

  • Forest Restoration Partnerships – Learn about the SRP Healthy Forest Initiative and how SRP is working with partners on forest restoration projects.

  • New Water Resiliency Projects – Hear about the Bartlett Modification Project and other SRP projects with partners that will help ensure water resiliency for Central Arizona.

  • Water Conservation – Get tips on how you can conserve water at your home, including a toilet leak test and online resources.

  • Ewing and Controller presentations – Presentations from Ewing Outdoor Supply, Hunter Industries and Rachio.

Viewers will also have an opportunity to ask a water expert in real-time about SRP’s water stewardship and the smart irrigation instant rebate program.


Discounts on smart irrigation controllers include the following:


  • Hunter Pro-HC six-station outdoor smart irrigation controller with Hydrawise™ is $60 plus tax*  (retail value is $285). Ewing discounted price for Expo attendees is $190; SRP provides an instant rebate of $130.

  • Rachio eight-zone Smart Sprinkler Controller is $60 plus tax* (retail value is $199.99) and includes an outdoor enclosure box (retail value is $39.99). Ewing discounted price for Expo attendees is $190; SRP provides an instant rebate of $130.

  • Check with your municipality to see if they offer an additional rebate.

*Participant is responsible for sales tax on a price of $190 for the controller from Ewing Outdoor Supply.


Smart controllers automatically create watering schedules using real-time weather data and on-site conditions to determine your landscape watering needs. When you install a smart irrigation controller (not for flood irrigation), you can reduce your water usage by up to 20 percent, saving water and money.



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