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  • Adia Taylor

Getting to Know You: Lloyd Ramsey, Phoenix Rising FC Soccer Complex

We wanted to get to know more about the new Phoenix Rising FC soccer field, so we talked to Lloyd Ramsey who is a manager and technical leader of DLR Group, which is a design firm that offers architecture, engineering, interiors, planning, renovation, etc.

First, some key facts:

  • DLR was found in 1966 as an architecture and engineering firm

  • More than 1,000 employees serve public and private-sector clients from 27 offices throughout the world

  • DLR is a 100 percent employee-owned firm

  • They wanted to finish the stadium within 90 days, starting in February, but actually completed work in March.

  • The stadium, 751 N. McClintock Drive in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, has a 6,200 seating capacity with a potential build-out at 10,000 seats with every game so far being sold out .

Now, our questions:

Q: How did building the soccer stadium come about?

A: The local USL team (called Arizona United at the time) had its lease terminated and needed a new home to play in.

Q: What was the goal of building the new stadium?

A: To design and construct a temporary (three seasons) 6,000 seat stadium in 90 or fewer days.

Q: What is your stadium bringing that other stadiums don't have?

A: A terrific fan experience, amenities were built into the design even though the intent was for a temporary facility.

Q: What was the biggest challenge in building the stadium?

A: An extremely compressed schedule, we had less than 90 days to design and construct the facility.

Q: Do you feel like you have accomplished your overall goal of the stadium; if so why?

A: Yes, we met the schedule and the budget constraints and delivered a beautiful temporary facility.

Q: How big is the soccer field?

A: The field itself is 116 yards by 76 yards.

Q: When did you start a career in construction and why?

A: 2000, I was previously working in operations and maintenance of facilities and wanted to get into the design and construction field.

Q: What is the next big project for the DLR Group?

A: We are currently working on an adaptive reuse project of the old Madison Street jail for Maricopa County with a construction value of $65 million.

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