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"BLU Print" Returns in Digital Age

Retro is all this rage in 2019! Remember the look and feel of blueprint paper? The creative minds at BLU Notebooks have brought this nostalgic vibe back to life in a fabulous, conveniently bound, high-quality notebook. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Creativity is contagious…..pass it on!”. This inspiring message is prominently displayed on this classic journal from BLU Notebooks that will appeal to everyone on your gift list!

For under $20, BLU Notebooks also comes with a vibrantly pigmented white gel pen which provides a "just right" sensory feeling that satisfies and soothes.

In our digital era, the BLU Notebook brings us back to a time of tactile creativity. A nostalgic callback to when creativity was, quite literally, hands on. BLU's goal is to encourage creativity and keep the essence of hands-on innovation alive.

Kiddos will put down their phones and be transported back to a time of creativity and hand’s on inspiration. Adults will appreciate the retro vibe of this classic paper!

Toss this gem in your purse or backpack for convenience when inspiration strikes. Pull it out at a restaurant or on the plane to keep the little ones entertained.

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