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The Most Expensive Views in the World: The Empire State Building Ranks 5th

A comprehensive study reveals the monuments around the world with the most expensive skyline views, with the USA securing 8 spots in the top 75 ranking

  • New York ranks 3 times in the top 10. The One World Trade Centre has the highest observation deck in the USA, at 387 meters high.

  • The Empire State Building, New York, ranks 5th, at $58 dollars for admission.

  • The Burj Khalifa, Dubai, ranks 1st. The observation deck of the tallest building in the world is 585 meters high and costs $100.77.

The online comparison and search portal, TicketLens, has published a list of the most expensive views around the world. The study uncovered the 100 tallest buildings around the world with observation decks and then selected the 75 with entrance fees. The final ranking includes the height of the tallest viewing platform, the price of admission, and the price per meter - indicating the monuments that offer the highest viewing decks for your dollar. Observation decks and skylines are a popular attraction for sightseers enjoying a city-break, offering time for reflection and relaxation at the end of a long day. This study aims to help holidaymakers plan ahead and enjoy the high life without the need to break the bank.

Further findings for the USA:

  • The Columbia Centre, Seatle, has the cheapest view in the USA. Opened in 1984, the 284-meter high skyscraper costs $22 for admission - or $0.08 per meter.

  • The newest building in the ranking is 30 Hudson Yards on the west side of Manhattan, New York. Completed in 2019, the skyscraper is 387 meters tall with an observation deck at 342 meters. Admission costs $36.

  • The Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas, ranks 4th for the USA and 14th in the ranking overall, with admission $27.50.

  • Chicago secures 2 spots on the ranking, with 875 North Michigan Avenue in 22nd place and the Willis Tower in 27th.

Further findings worldwide:

  • The view from the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa may be the most expensive in the world according to admission costs; but at $0.26 per meter, the Etihad Towers, T1, Abu Dhabi, is the most expensive relative to height.

  • The only monument in South America to make it into the ranking is the Torre Costanera in Santiago, Chile, in 36th place. Admission costs $21.50. The 64 story skyscraper is the tallest building in South America and the third tallest building on the southern hemisphere.

  • In 30th place, the Auckland Sky Tower, New Zealand, costs $20.93 for admission. This is half the price of The Shard, London, at $40.59.

  • China has 19 monuments in the ranking. The Canton Tower, Guangzhou, ranks 2nd and highest for China. It’s 604 meters tall with an observation deck at 488 meters.

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