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CICB Offers Online Crane Operator and Inspector Classes in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau (CICB), a veteran-owned Texas company with a global network, has rolled out its initial online training programs as a response to the coronavirus. As social distancing and safety precautions dissuade some companies from sending their employees to traditional classrooms, CICB has created several, dedicated online programs to meet the ongoing certification needs of crane operators and inspectors.

The online training programs include preparation for the NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Exams, Mobile Crane and Rigging Inspector, and Overhead Crane/Hoist and Rigging Inspector and will be followed by further digital classes as demand for online training for the crane and lifting industry increases. The construction industry in particular is being forced to pivot and adapt to new realities as COVID-19 necessitates new precautions and restrictions. CICB has positioned itself early on to respond to these new realities.

"Live-streamed, online programs represent a positive response to the COVID-19 pandemic," said Craig Epperson, CEO of CICB. "Online attendees will receive the highest quality training delivered in a cutting-edge manner."

While the classes themselves represent a new era of digital engagement, students will be able to participate with a laptop, tablet or similar device. CICB uses video-conferencing platform Zoom, so participants are also advised to have a webcam (built into most digital devices) and headphones where possible.

For those averse to online training for crane operators, riggers and inspectors, CICB continues to open its doors to traditional classroom programs. At all times, CICB adheres to CDC recommendations and guidelines regarding physical distancing and other safety precautions, providing a safe environment for their world-class crane training.

About CICB

Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau is a veteran-owned Texas company with offices and training facilities in Houston and Orlando, FL. CICB provides crane and lifting equipment training, preparation for NCCCO examinations, inspections, and management assist visits globally.

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