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Stream Data Centers Prepares to Open in Phoenix this Summer with Cox Business as a Key Fiber Provide

Stream Data Centers, an industry leader in premium data center solutions, announces today that its near-complete Phoenix I data center in Goodyear, is now part of the growing Cox Business fiber network. At a time when economic growth is crucial to our economy, this pairing directly serves businesses of all sizes as they store, protect and share data across the region and the world.

In Goodyear, Stream and Cox Business combine the Phoenix West Valley’s largest data center campus and the region’s most diverse network service offerings to better serve large enterprises and cloud providers. For its part, Cox Business is continually investing in its fiber infrastructure and data center partnerships to give businesses high performing, local gateways to national and global markets. With the first of five buildings on the new Goodyear Campus going live in August 2020, Stream is developing the area’s largest multi-tenant campus in the West Valley, in Phoenix, the nation’s fastest-growing data center market.

Stream customers will benefit in two ways. First, they will be able to interconnect their Stream services with other data centers or to their local offices using either dark fiber or internet transport services with speeds up to 100Gbps. Second, Stream customers will have access to the full suite of Cox Business connectivity, security, video, voice, managed services and cloud offerings supported by a local team of experts.

"Cox Business has invested more than one billion dollars in Arizona, over the last decade, in expanding its Arizona network to help the Phoenix Metropolitan Area become one of the most connected regions,” notes Ed Aaronson, Vice President of Cox Business. “Data centers are a key component to the economic growth of our community. Our collaboration with Stream Data Centers illustrates the importance of blending data centers and connectivity. This is critical for our local businesses as they compete in a rapidly growing, data-driven economy."

Arizona’s generous tax incentives for large data center customers, low risk of disaster and the presence of a massive onsite APS substation makes Goodyear one of the best locations for large customer deployments. Stream’s customer base is made up of Fortune 500 and hyperscale cloud providers, which makes Cox Business’ ability to deliver low latency, diverse dark fiber route options to the most demanding of customers highly complementary.

“Adding Cox Business to the mix helps us bring world-class connectivity offerings into the Goodyear Campus,” adds Chad Rodriguez, Vice President, Network and Cloud at Stream. “As one of the most robust fiber providers in the West Valley, pulling the Cox Business backbone into our data centers helps us ensure that our customers will have the high performance, low latency connectivity they need to support their businesses.”

At less than 24 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Stream’s 157-acre Goodyear Campus will offer 2 million square feet of data center space across five buildings supported by a 350 MW onsite APS substation. For businesses, cloud providers and large enterprises, the data center offers not only the space for vital IT infrastructure, but also superior sub-2ms round-trip latency to all major carrier hotels in the region.

To learn more about Stream Data Centers, visit the company’s website at For further information on Cox Business, visit

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