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BidBird takes flight for construction professionals nationwide.

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Despite its name, BidBird is anything but fowl.

Launched in mid-2020, BidBird connects contractors, building owners, materials suppliers, and manufacturers via one-round, blind online auctions.

“RFP technology should be easy,” BidBird’s founder Trevor Pan explains. “BidBird provides a seamless platform for construction professionals to access multiple competitive bids, through just one post. Suppliers and manufacturers, likewise, choose only the jobs they want to bid.”

BidBird’s auction technology makes the process simple and straightforward. Buyers post their construction material needs, suppliers bid to win orders, and a one-round blind auction encourages competitive honest pricing. When the auction closes, materials can be picked up, delivered, or shipped. Funds are released when the buyer’s payment clears and the supplier enters a tracking number.

As their user base continues to expand, BidBird’s construction marketplace transforms how bids are collected and processed, while opening up new markets for both contractors and suppliers. The platform was recently recognized in the New York Times through Dropbox’s “Established 2020” list.

BidBird is set to continue growing past 2020. Currently, the bidding platform has a series of high-value jobs for seven single-family attached units in Midtown Phoenix, including mechanical units, drywall, lumber, cabinetry, countertops, windows, doors, flooring, baseboards, and appliances. The bidding for these projects closes in mid-January 2021.

Here’s what’s in it for:

  • Contractors & Building Owners: Contractors and building owners can save time and effort normally spent hunting for multiple proposals while discovering new suppliers locally and even nationally. The blind bidding system keeps materials suppliers honest.

  • Manufacturers & Suppliers: As jobs are set at a $3,500 minimum, manufacturers and suppliers can access high-value projects, sell their products directly, and discover new markets.

Join the hunt and sign up for free at Follow on Twitter @ BidBird.


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