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Building businesses: Maximum Value Partners, small business coaches, launches contractor’s division

Maximum Value Partners (MVP), a small business coaching practice owned and operated by Adam Sonnhalter and Jack Mencini, recently announced the creation of a contractor’s division of its small business coaching practice. The new division will offer consulting services specific to contractors and tradesmen in the areas of sales, marketing, operation and finance.

“Contractors and people in the trades face a number of challenges. It can be feast or famine. For many contractors, we’re now in feast mode and that can present some difficulties for businesses not prepared to accommodate that growth,” said Jack Mencini, who began MVP with Adam back in 2003. “A large component of coaching contractors is teaching them how to be more operationally efficient during the feast and how to market to avoid the famine.”

Part of MVP’s work involves recruitment and training staff. Skilled tradespeople are in high demand under normal circumstances. During the pandemic and the current real estate market and the Great Resignation era, finding staff and subcontractors for a job can be extremely difficult. MVP helps contractors develop a work culture on projects that enhances the possibility of long-term employment for staff and continuing work for subcontractors.

“Communication is key to making staff and subs feel like part of the team and your company’s success. That can take shape in a number of forms ranging from frequent staff meetings and communications on a project to showcase the work of staff members and subs on company social media pages,” said Sonnhalter.

MVP takes a similar approach to coaching small business clients like contractors and tradesmen. Working in tandem—clients will meet with both Adam and Jack—the pair employ their MVP Playbook—featuring the 7 Keys to Success and the 3 Circles—while helping small business owners get unstuck from the endless “how” questions that come with running a business. This formula has elevated the games of businesses ranging from landscapers to IT consultants, body shops to marketing firms.

“Many contractors start as solopreneurs and consequently don’t have somebody to talk to about running the business—except maybe other contractors who are, in fact, competitors,” said Mencini. “We provide that resource to contractors with the added wisdom that comes from more than 20 years of working with small business owners plus being small business owners ourselves.”

Typically, MVP will meet once or twice a month with clients. During Covid that’s largely been by video conference. At each meeting, clients have action items to report back on. This holds clients accountable and creates a collaborative process that has benefited clients in a wide range of businesses.

“By asking questions and really getting to know clients before we start working with them—prospects must take and pass a coachability test—we can help contractors and other small business owners address such issues as improving efficiency, increasing profitability, defining management structures, buying/selling a business, preparing for transitions and more,” said Adam.

For more information about MVP’s contractors division and its other services, visit or call (877) 849-0670. You can also get to know MVP’s dynamic duo by tuning into its podcast, Dirty Secrets of Small Business on your favorite podcast player and its website.


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